Monday, January 31, 2011

Respecting beliefs

  Hello bloggers,

  For the next few blogs I while be writing about awkward times with my religious family.  I will include the fore-story in each.


   My grandmother was as catholic as one can be.  I was forced until I left to go to church.  I told her numerous times I don't believe in organized religion.  This meant to her I was going to hell.  She forced me to attend her church service all the time.  She couldn't really force me to go considering she was 4'10 but I have a lot of respect for my elders and I do what is asked.  At this church they played live christian music, preached in the enthusiastic style, and put hands on to heal and pray.  I am not religious by any means and attending these services were the most awkward times of my life.  These are a few of the stories. 

  At the church the head priest had my grandmother convinced that he could communicate with god.  God would also tell things about people to the priest.  During the service god would tell him things about the churchgoers about whats going on in their lives and what they should pray for.  Sometimes he would call out certain people to go in front for hands on praying.  The kind of hands on praying you see in the crazy commercials or the ridiculous portrayals in movies.

  One particular time the priest had his palm on a mans head and everyone circled around muttering simple chants.  I got pulled by the arm up there by my grandma who was FURIOUS that I had any resistance. So every one is chanting arms around each other and on the guy being prayed for.  I am chillin in the group not saying a word and just looking at everyone freaking out.  Then the guy starts speaking jibberish and they all legitimately believe he is speaking in tongues.  At this point I couldn't help myself from laughing so I had to almost push my way out of the circle and go to the back of the church.  My grandma followed me then an argument occurred  and I walked out. 

  What can you do in this situation. Gotta respect granny, but I find organized religion ridiculous.