Thursday, September 9, 2010

The door holding dilemma

  Hello fellow bloggers.

       I find minuscule interactions between random people and even friends quite awkward sometimes.  There are so many variables that influence these minuscule decisions like holding the door open for someone.  Not to long ago a random person at my school held the door open for me for a really long distance.  This is where the over analyzation begins.  Why was this man holding the door open for me for about 15 yards?  Hell, I could have even dissed him like when you pull back when giving someone a hi five.  Thinking about it now that would have been hilarious.  However, I took him on his offer to let me in before him.  It was quite a mind fuck though.  Was he having that jolly of a day that he would waste 10 seconds of me approaching the door?  Did his dad beat him as a child and holding the door open was mandatory for him?  Mindfuck.  Either of the latter options are probably incredibly off from the real reason he did it.  Maybe if I see him again ill ask him.  Another awkward situation.  So, anyone who happens to stroll upon this, try holding the door open for someone for a really long time and stare them dead in the eye while doing it.  You will either receive a priceless awkward situation or mindfuck the person entirely. 


  1. This is a bit of a cliche but I seriously thought I was the only(or at least one of very few) that went through this.

  2. The worst part is you almost feel obligated to speed up your walking just because they're standing there waiting for you, holding the door and looking at you. And I happen to like my current walking pace.