Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Short but sweet.

  I was in class today and I was having a boring conversation with a boring group mate.  Later another group has to present a television ad that implies for sympathy.  They play the heart wrenching animal cruelty add with the tear jerking song and showing frames of the sad looking animals.  This is where is gets slightly awkward.  The girl my group says aloud "I don't know why people care about animals being killed when we still allow abortion." the end.


  1. Lulz that seems semi-irrelevant. Oh well, still made me laugh.

    Click, comment, follow please.

  2. Girl brings up a good point. But yea her saying that would make things REALLY awkward like anywhere.

  3. My god. I would punch her. So, so hard. SO HARD.

    I happen to love abortion with all my heart. Stupid babies.