Friday, September 10, 2010

No deal, howie.

  You know the difference between actual friends and acquaintances right?  Friends being the people you have hung out with before, and prefer to hang out with. An acquaintance being someone you just been in a class with or forcibly met through a friend or relative.  This is where is gets awkward.  When you see these people on campus or randomly bump into them there is an awkward tension where you an this person do not know eachother are there.  Until I see this other person and I don't know if I should go up and say hi, because I don't really want to but it seems impolite.  There have been times where I know these people have looked at me, but do nothing about it.  That is the tension.  I also believe this is where acquaintances die when you stop acknowledging the other person.  Anyways, the No deal, Howie.  Title came from getting dissed on by an ex-acquaintance.  In the lunchroom at my school I see said acquaintance in the food line.  We made eye contact, so when i'm passing by to go sit down I say her name and wave.  To my suprise she looks at me and turns around.  I was so shocked at the audacity of the situation I just laughed, and got laughed at by people standing behind me.  I had done nothing to this girl to be treated this way.  I am not an ugly fellow and she was by no means a looker.  I can't even begin to overanalyze this situation so I am going to chalk it up she was having a bad day. 


  1. That girl does indeed sound like something of a bitch, you're better off not knowing her, I'd say. The tension is also a bitch, I never friggin' know what to do. Say hi? Wave awkwardly? I usually just pretend I didn't see them and avoid eye contact at all costs. Seems to work.

  2. Definitely bitch material....
    Supporting you, support me? :)

  3. That's quite whorizontal, brudda. Got Jesus? Git Jesus before the Warning.

    God bless you