Sunday, September 12, 2010


  I don't believe I am the only person out there who has a hard time remembering or storing names.  I have thought about why I am terrible at this recently a lot.  I have discovered that when I meet people and go through the manly manshake or suave compliment when meeting women, I don't pay attention at all to what they say their name is.  Anyways, on to the awkwardness.  At my graduation party a while back I was introducing my girlfriend to most of my relatives with relative ease. :P  When one of my more distant pair of aunt and uncles came up, my girlfriend said "Hello I am danie and your name?" And looked at me expecting to know it and introduce them.  I had no clue.  I was standing there for the moment that felt like eternity waiting to give up my bluff that I knew there name.  However, my Aunt and Uncle introduced themselves.  I still don't remember their names.


  1. It´s also hard for me to remember names, but even harder to remember phonenumbers.

  2. sometimes i forgot my friends' names too :( and phone numbers.. i can only remember 3, mine, my sis and home. D:


  3. I do this...but I'm just fucking senile. haha

  4. I am AWFUL at remembering names, but especially so when I'm drunk! I don't know how many times I have introduced myself to the same people at the bars!